Democrats and MSM have a tendency of telling us to listen and believe the woman when she says she was assaulted even when there is little to no evidence.  The man is always guilty.

Don’t allow a political party, activist MSM or a political #MeToo movement dictate that innocent until proven guilty doesn’t matter or that we shouldn’t protect the males in our lives against false accusations.  They told Emmett Till’s mother the same thing and look at what happened.


Today it’s #BrettKavanaugh tomorrow it could be your father, brother, son, nephew, uncle, boyfriend or grandson.

#VoteRedToSaveAmerica #VoteRedOrAmericaIsDead







Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Men Beware

The burden of proof lies with the accuser and not the accused. That is the bedrock of our criminal justice system. If a person is accused of a crime, the accuser must prove the accused’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Given the #MeToo movement, one would be hard pressed to say the presumption of innocence is still intact.

As an example, look at the accusation against the United States Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. A man with a pedigree education and impeccable social background. He was accused by Christine Blasey Ford, a psychologist at Standard University, of sexual assault that she claims took place 35-years, ago when they were both teens.  They have both testified under oath before the Senate Judiciary committee, but nothing conclusive came from either testimony other than both believing that the story they told to be their truth. He said he didn’t assault her, doesn’t know her, and wasn’t at the party she said he attended. She claimed he was there and did assault (groped) her over her clothing and might have raped her had she not managed to break away.  She is unable to give a time, place of where this happened. Kavanaugh, on the other hand, produced a calendar that he kept then and still had, with dates and places he had gone. There was no notation of a party. Without witnesses or corroboration, Democrats and the liberal MSM believed Ford and not Kavanaugh and told the public they too should believe her because after all, she is a woman making a claim against a man. Why would she lie?

Unfortunate for Kavanaugh, he was found guilty in the eyes of the Democrats and liberal MSM the moment the uncorroborated sexual accusation was made by Ford.  Neither the Democrats or liberal MSM ever intended to give him a fair shake. They have made the entire accusation political because of the #MeToo movement, which requires you to believe the woman over the man.  Not to mention their dislike of President Trump who nominated him. As for Kavanaugh and his stellar reputation, merely collateral damage in the scheme of things.  Innocent until proven guilty be damned.

This rush to judgment to believe the woman is very dangerous. I understand why women of sexual assault do not come forward out of fear they will be blamed for the assault. But once they come forward with a claim they shouldn’t immediately be believed. There is a process to be used to get to the truth. Not only that but once investigations are done and proven inconclusive the presumption of innocence remains with the accused.

There are many men who have been railed roaded by charges of false sex crimes. The lives of these men and their families completely destroyed only to find out later the accuser lied.

Just ask:

Brian Banks who was accused of rape in 2002. Sent to prison and in 2011 the accuser admitted she lied.

Alphonso Baity & Jordan Brown accused of rape in 2014 and the accuser recanted her story. The case is still working its way through the system.

Jay Bromley 2016
Duke Lacrosse Team 2006

Like these men, there are and will be other men falsely accused and their good names destroyed for political purposes.

As traumatic as sexual assaults are, being falsely accused and having one’s life destroyed is just as traumatic.  Not all accusations of sexual assault are false. Similarly, not all accusations are true. While it is easy to say believe the woman, we must take a pause and give the accused the presumption of innocence, as our laws require. After all, the falsely accused might one day be you, your brother, father, uncle, nephew or friend.

Innocent until proven guilty.



If you’re not mad then you’re not awake.

How many investigations does Brett Kavanaugh have to go through before he is seated on the United States Supreme Court? Confirmation hearings lasting a week were already completed before Democrats introduced their first effort to derail his nomination.

Enter Christine Blasey Ford, a research psychologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine, with a 35-year-old accusation that Kavanaugh groped her at a party that she can’t remember who, what, when, where or why. This flimsy accusation resulted in an 11th-hour hearing that rendered nothing but opened the door for the Democrats, in conjunction with the liberal MSM, to start parading a circus of unsubstantiated claims by individuals that Kavanaugh had wronged them.

Since then, the Democrats and liberal MSM have been working overtime to take down Kavanaugh. They detest the man.

This has to stop!

The left lost the 2016 election and have not stopped since to thwart the president’s thus far successful agenda. One of the items on his agenda was to put on the Supreme Court conservative judges. This is not unusual. Every president who wins the presidency is given the right under the Constitution to put a judge on the high court when a vacancy is available. Unfortunately, it seems, the Democrats and liberal MSM are against Trump’s choice. As such, they have opened up a farcical comedic box of loons making a number of allegations to impugn Kavanaugh’s stellar reputation.

Kavanaugh has gone through seven investigations and with the eighth underway, as requested last week by Senators Jeff Flake (R) and Chris Coons (D). With word that the FBI could be finishing up the investigation soon (as there is nothing to find) Democrats and the liberal MSM are asking that the investigation is extended (something negative must be found). In other words, there should be no end to the investigation. This ploy would deny the Senate from voting to seat Kavanaugh or cause a defeat in the vote to seat him as some feckless Republicans: Senators Flake, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins would vote against him.

When will it stop?

The actions of the Democrats and liberal MSM is reminiscent of the nothing Russian Collusion. Both groups demanded an investigation and got one. Two years into the investigation has rendered zilch!

It is time Republicans stand up and say enough is enough! We the people sent them to the Hill to represent “we the people” and not “they the media.”

Make it stop!

The economy is booming and the country is trying to move in the right direction with President Trump atop.

I’m sick and tired of the media inferring with the work of this president. If Republicans can’t stand up to these obstructionist Democrats and FakeNews media outlets then they should be voted out!


The Unluckiest Woman

Julie Swetnick must have been the unluckiest woman around during the 1980s.  Swetnick, who has thrust herself into the mainstream media’s salacious news coverage of Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the US Supreme Court, has recently been on a media blitz claiming she was raped in 1982, at a high school party that he attended.

Swetnick and her creepy porn lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who also reps porn star, Stormy Daniels, have been peddling her misfortune and unverifiable story for nearly two weeks.  This all seems to be an attempt to get her name in the media and possibly land her a gig as a commentator for CNN.  Avenatti has already become the resident sex porn attorney for CNN and other Fake news outlets.

Other than the fact that the two characters, the creepy porn lawyer and Swetnick, are unable to corroborate her rape story, the details behind the rape are _ well pretty unbelievable.

According to Swetnick,  in 1982, she attended 10 of these rape parties. She was between 18 and 20. The kids at the party were 14 and 15. During the party, she claimed to have witnessed Kavanaugh and another boy pour “spike” a green substance in the punch the kids were drinking.  She managed to stay clear of the punch, but the girls who drank it became so inebriated they passed out and the boys at the party would take them to a room and gang rape or as she described “run a train” (multiple guys having sex with one girl).  Swetnick, who by her own admission, had attended these parties numerous times.  Somewhere after the 10th time, she too was ganged raped by boys whose names she doesn’t recall.

Swetnick has said she told her mother and a police officer about the attack shortly afterward. Both her mother and the officer are now deceased.  Swetnick now wants to be believed in an attempt to keep Kavanaugh off the high court.  Currently, the FBI is investigating claims that Kavanaugh possibly groped a teen, Christine Blasey Ford, at a house party around the same time. It should be noted, so far, no one has been able to substantiate the claim which Kavanaugh vehemently denies.

I’m sorry but my first question for Swetnick why would anyone keep going to a party where girls are being raped? And why wouldn’t you immediately tell the police about the underage drinking and girls being sexually assaulted?  Lastly, if Swetnick wanted all to believe this sensational story, why would she go and have media whore Avenatti represent her?

I’m not saying Swetnick wasn’t assaulted. Maybe in her mind, she was, but now news is coming out from a former boyfriend that she has a mental problem and enjoys the attention. Additional sources, that can be corroborated, are saying Swetnick is litigious and has a problem with the truth.

Ok. I will go no further. Let the reader decide. If her story is true, she has to be the unluckiest woman in 1982.











Not My President!

For the past two and I half years I have watched and listened to liberals and Democrat voters proclaim that President Trump (or 45 as they gleefully like to say) isn’t their president.  I find their proclamation rather interesting for whether they voted for him, against him or not for him, he is still their president. Even if they leave the country he remains their president.  Now they can change this be renouncing their citizenship and leaving the country.  And while many have said, since the election of 2016, they would leave the country, this is yet to materialize.  So until further notice, President Trump is and will continue to be their president now and probably in 2020.  As their president, they are allowed to reap the benefits of President Trump “Making America Great Again.”

With that said,  I’m happy to proclaim unequivocally that Barack Hussein Obama II is not my president and he never will be now or anytime in the future.   Donald J. Trump is my president and he will “Keep America” great.


Ahem…Excuse me…

Excuse me, if I come across as angry and aggressive.  Excuse me, if I’m not showing you a smile with white teeth. Excuse me, if my voice is raised and loud. Excuse me, if I’m not coming across as friendly as you like.  Excuse me, if I seem to snap at you and not agree with the comments you are making.  Just in case you didn’t notice I’m fighting for my life.  I’m fighting for my name. I’m fighting to keep the reputation I have built for nearly five decades from being destroyed over politics.

Ahem…excuse me, but if you don’t understand I don’t give a DAMN!

Confirm #BrettKavanaugh

#VoteRedOrAmericaIsDead #VoteRedToSaveAmerica