Why A Rush To Judgment? The Jamal Khashoggi Disappearance

How soon they forget especially when politics is at play.  They claim to know all there is to know about diplomacy, when in fact they know nothing.

Conventional wisdom would say allow the Jamal Khashoggi investigation to be complete. Once all the facts are in, act accordingly.  But it seems some care nothing for conventional wisdom. The mob mentality dictates: try the case in the MSM and pronounce guilt on Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family.

Khashoggi is the dissident Saudi journalist who disappeared from his country’s consulate in Istanbul last week.  He was once on the inside of the Royal Family.  Turkey officials, no friends of Saudi Arabia, are saying they have proof Khashoggi was killed inside the building by Saudi Arabia.  Reports of recordings of Khashoggi being killed and hacked to death to phone calls of him saying he would be killed have run rampant, but nothing concrete to support these claims have materialized.

Why one would ask is there such a rush to pronounce a judgment of guilt? Why not wait for the facts? So reminiscent of past behaviors.

Earlier this year the left and MSM said President Trump was too cozy with Vladimir Putin and wouldn’t do anything to Russia for an alleged use of the Novichok nerve agent in the attempted assassination of the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia.

The Democrats, a few Republicans, and MSM really laid it on hard.  They used this argument to prove Russian Collusion with Trump and Putin. The acrimony was ad nauseam. For weeks the story captured headlines.  Once the president had all the facts he placed the harshest sanctions on Russia. Naturally, Putin denounced the sanctions and made threats.  Having placed sanctions on Russia the Democrats, a few Republicans, and MSM moved on to sniff for other dirt.

Why the rush to judgment?  Why are some so quick and ready to punish Saudi Arabia? Granted the Saudis can be obtuse. They do, however,  support the US in standing up against Iran and other terrorist groups.  If the Kingdom did something wrong, they will have to answer. In the meantime,  all should wait for the facts to come in.  One misstep could have severe consequences for the US economy.

Maybe, perhaps, interestingly as it would be, some want that to happen _ severe consequences to the US and possibly the world.


Unverified hearsay stories


Unverified hearsay: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/10/17/jamal-khashoggi-new-claims-over-how-saudi-journalist-allegedly-killed/1667973002/

The US Impose Sanctions:



Where Is The Love?

In 2005 when Kayne West uttered on live TV before millions of viewers:  ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people’ liberals leaped with joy.  He was heralded as being the greatest rapper of all times.  Liberals couldn’t get enough of him.  Whatever West rapped they ate it up.  Even when he dissed Taylor Swift in 2009, he was forgiven. redeye-kanye-west-katrina-telethon-george-bush-001.jpg

Fast forward 2018, West now sings the praises of President Donald Trump and the left, mainly the MSM, says he’s crazy and off his meds. In actuality, it is the liberal MSM whose off their meds. Who cares if West supports the president? All entertainers have their political preferences, but when it comes to republicans they the MSM don’t like it. Especially, when the entertainer is black, has a huge following and positions his rear end in front of them to kiss.

Try focusing on what West was saying albeit in a stream of consciousness fashion:

1.) Free your mind; 2.) Every black isn’t Democrat; 3.) We should embrace differences; 4.) Democrat policies have harmed the black family, 5.) We have a right to bear arms, 6.) Prison reform, 7.) Violence in Chicago

While West may not have been able to clearly articulate his message the way some would have preferred, what he was saying was point on: Democrat policies are bad for black people/all people.


#VoteRedToSaveAmerica  #VoteRedOrAmericaIsDead


NEGRO is code for N*gga: And it’s not funny?

Dear Don Lemon:

I watched and listened in dismay as you and your guest commentators lectured viewers on Kanye West being a sellout because his political views don’t align with yours.  Just in case you were too busy laughing and missed what was said below is an excerpt:

“Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read.”
–Bakari Sellers, (black) Democrat strategist

“[West is] an attention whore, like the president…He’s the token Negro of the Trump administration.”
–Tara Setmeyer, (black) CNN analyst

This type of behavior and language isn’t acceptable. Comments like the above open the door to comments like this from Bette Midler and others who think it’s cool and acceptable.

Bette Midler.png

Don, the audacity of you to laugh it off and not chastise Bakari and Tara speaks volume as to the person you are.

I ask: Do you, Bakari and Tara have that much self-hate and disrespect for yourselves that you would use such foul language to describe a black man whose politics don’t align with yours?  Was it that funny, to you? Had this language been used on conservative networks blacks would be protesting in the streets. What changed _ ideology?  The left gets a pass?

This is really unfortunate. Words matter and you can’t just say them without consequences. Would it be acceptable for white children to call black children a Negro? Is it ok for Republicans to call liberal blacks Negros? Who gets to use the word and who doesn’t?

NO, Don Lemon calling another black man (or any person) a Negro isn’t funny, ever.  I don’t care how many times rappers try and glamorize the word and the N-Word.  You of all people should know better.  Having such a prominent platform should encourage you to do better. What went wrong? Where did you lose yourself?  Words have meaning.

Finally, sad to say, but truth be told Bakari and Tara really wanted to call Kayne West the N-Word. Disgusting!


We Believe Him!

Word to the liberal MSM and Democrats we heard both stories and we believe his version. There’s nothing wrong with that.  Get over yourselves. You don’t control what we think for your own selfish political gains.18-9-25-We-believe-him-img.png

Christine Blasey Ford gave it her best shot, and we heard her. I’m sure she believes she was assaulted at a certain place, at a certain time and by a certain person.  To that point, she was unable to corroborate her story. The people she claimed knew or witnessed the incident do not back her version. In fact, they say they weren’t even there.  That does not mean what she alleged happen didn’t happen, but it does mean her version cannot be corroborated and the people she names have their own version of the event.  Without corroboration, level minded people who rely on hard facts believe Judge Kavanaugh.



Don’t just say you are going to vote. Vote and know where to vote!

This is an important election and we must not take anything for granted.  The Democrats are fired up and ready to create havoc. They are attempting to re-write history and destroy America for their own lawless ways.

Do yourself and Republicans a favor and know where to vote and then VOTE!




Why is it that liberals can’t seem to behave properly? Why can’t they accept the results of the 2016 election and move on?  Two years have passed and they still can’t suck up their defeat to President Donald Trump.  A defeat that the liberal MSM said they would not face, but they did.  As a result, they have gone bat crazy, and are now suffering from TDS “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. That syndrome is now being channeled into young uninformed two-bit dangerous players like Jackson A. Cosko.

The Washington Times is reporting that ” Police charged Jackson A. Cosko, 27, with threats, witness tampering, unauthorized access of a government computer, identity theft, burglary, unlawful entry and publicizing restricted personal information. The charges include both federal and local offenses.”

Cosko apparently doxxed the names of key Republicans exposing their addresses to the public via the internet.  Cosko’s LinkedIn profile shows that he worked for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas (D).


Looks like Cosko was taking a lead from Wacky Maxine Waters. Waters is known for her radical behavior and dislike for President Donald Trump and Republicans. She has often encouraged disgruntle liberals to go after Republicans in public places.  It’s only a matter of time before someone is hurt, as Rep Steve Scalise was in 2017 by a left-wing activist.

Cooler heads should prevail, but as of now, there aren’t any on the left.

#VoteRedToSaveAmerica #VoteRedOrAmericaIsDead


Ahem…what’s going on the with #RussianCollusion story? We all know there is no there _ there.

#VoteRedToSaveAmerica #VoteRedOrAmericaIsDead.